Letter of Intent Signings


If your student has decided to sign a letter of intent to play a sport at the college level and you would like to have a signing ceremony, here are the school guidelines.


1. Choose two dates for the signing- one preferred date and one backup. 

2. Contact Mrs. Bernica at least two weeks prior to the date of signing. You may reach her at 913-262-2701 ext. 258 or, cbernica@bishopmiege.com 

3. Compile a list of accomplishments, honors, awards, and activities in which your athlete participated at Miege. This information must be given to Mr. Hubka no later than 3 days prior to signing date.

3.  You will notify whatever coaches you may want to have at the signing.  Please let us know who will be speaking on behalf of your athlete. 

4.  We will send a press release to all the local media in the KC area.

5.  The gym (auditorium or conference room) will be set up with tables, covered with red tablecloths.     

6.  Reception follows signing. You may bring tablecloths for an individual table in the college colors.   Treats are simple-generally a cake, cookies, doughnuts, etc.  Bottled water is also acceptable, but no sticky drinks.  You may also want pennants, balloons, etc.

7.  Please take pictures.  We will have a photographer from the Development Office there also.

8.  Prior to the event we'd like to know the number of guests that you are inviting.  We will make an announcement at the end of the school day inviting students and staff to attend.  Your outside guests must register in the Attendance Office before they make their way to the signing.

6.  The signing will begin at 3 pm.  Guests may begin coming at 2:45.  You may set up your reception table after 2:30 pm if the gym is not in use.  However, you may have to set up right at 2:55 after a gym class is finished.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Bernica at cbernica@bishopmiege.com or call at (913) 262-2701 ext. 258.