International Students

Bishop Miege High School is pleased to have you consider us as you pursue your high school education. Each year our school community welcomes 15-20 international students from all over the world.
Bishop Miege High School is recognized by the Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP) as a Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) approved school with the ability to issue I-20 Forms.  Bishop Miege entertains applications for international students grades 9 – 11 who have an agency affiliation, meet our admissions requirements and who are proficient in English.  (Students wishing to attend Bishop Miege on an individual basis must be living with a family member in the Kansas City area.  See additional information below.)


Annual Tuition & Fees

Registration / Class Fees: $530 - $700

Tuition Rates for 2017-18 - $13,475.

*** Additional course supply fees may be incurred for certain classes. See the Course Catalog for details.

Uniform purchase is required.

Lunch costs are at the expense of the student.

All tuition and fees must be paid by July 15, 2017

Students from China must contact - The Cambridge Institute of International Education - See contact information below. (Bishop Miege has an exclusive agreement for students from China.)
If you have any questions regarding the Student Exchange process, please visit the Official Website of the Department of Homeland Security – Student Process Steps
Listed below are the agencies that are established with Bishop Miege.  

AGM Eduacion        

Francisco Ferran

Delgado AGM - Zona Norte

Avda. Maria Zambrano, 31

WTC Zaragoza - Torre Oeste - Planta 10

Mov +34 665 926 550 Tl-Fax +34 976 73378        


Guardian EDU., LLC

Peter Jang

Chief Representative


Nacel Open Door

Sue Franck

Program Director


The Cambridge Network

Student Inquiry Link

Host Family Inquiry Link

Agency inquires should be directed to Patti Marnett, Director of Admissions E-Mail: / phone 913-222-5804



Students wishing to attend on an individual basis. (Must be staying with family in the Kansas City area.)


1. Complete and submit 2017-18 Application 


2. Once the online application has been submitted, please send the following documentation via e-mail or fax to:

Bishop Miege High School

5041 Reinhardt Drive

Shawnee Mission, KS  66205




fax: 913-262-2752


ALL paperwork is required to be at our office before an I-20 will be issued. Upon acceptance, an I-20 will be issued.


Please submit the following:

  • Transcripts translated in English
  • Copy of SLEP / TOFEL or English Proficiency Test
  • Immunizations Records
  • Copy of current visa (if available)
  • Copy of Passport

***A Skype interview will be required before an acceptance decision can be made.

Bishop Miege High School currently issues I-20's for F1 students only.


If your application is approved:

  • Bishop Miege High School will send the I-20 form.
  • Visit the Official Website of the Department of Homeland Security for full instructions on how to proceed.  Student Process Steps - This can be a lengthy process, so please plan accordingly.  Students must be able to be in the United States and attending classes within the first two weeks of the start of each semester.


When you obtain an F-1 student Visa: 

  • Contact Bishop Miege High School at or at 913-222-5804 you will be provided with an itemized bill along with instructed as to how/where to electronically transfer your tuition.
  • Purchase International Accident and Health/Medical Insurance. Submit proof of insurance to Bishop Miege High School.
  • You must obtain and provide us with a Medical Power of Attorney if you will be staying with extended family.
  • All foreign exchange students are responsible for all expenses incurred and should arrange to have money for these expenses.



Bishop Miege High School follows the rules and regulations of the Department of Home Land Security (DHS). With doing so we are required to follow certain guidelines when accepting students and termination of students.

SEVIS record terminations are made when non-immigrant students are:

  • No longer participating in a SEVIS-approved program of study
  • Does not report change of address within the 10 day requirement
  • Potentially out of status
  • No longer an F non-immigrant
  • Out of the country for more than 5 months and are not enrolled full-time

There are many reasons a student may be terminated. These reasons are not necessarily negative. For example, an F student might need to return home before completing his or her program. The student would no longer need a non-immigrant status so his or her SEVIS record would be terminated, even though the student might continue to study at our school in the future.

Other reasons for termination revolve around a student's failure to meet the requirements of an F-1 non-immigrant status. Some examples of this are:

  • Failure to enroll in a full course of study
  • Being expelled from the school or program of study

Criteria for expulsion from Bishop Miege High School are outlined in our Handbook.  Expulsion may also occur if the student’s host family arrangement is discontinued for any reason.  The student’s family is responsible for all expenses for the student’s return home.

***School records, including, but not limited to, transcripts, official/unofficial transcripts, grade cards will be held until all obligations are fulfilled.


Places to visit while you are here: 

Kansas City Attractions