The Bishop Miege Development Office manages several important functions of the school, including fundraising, special events, alumni relations, publications, marketing and public relations. 

Activities of the Development Office include:

Bridging the gap
There is a gap between the amount of money Miege charges for tuition and the actual costs of educating each student. In order to make ends meet, Miege must hold regular fund-raisers. Each year, students participate in three fund-raisers: the Magazine Sale, Stag Strut and Auction. Additionally, the Development Office coordinates an Alumni Phonathon and Annual Appeal to raise money.

Communicating with our supporters
We are proud of the interest past students and parents show in Miege’s development. We try to keep the entire Miege community, including alumni, parents, future students and friends, informed through newsletters, the Web site and other publications. We also create the student directory, sports programs, and other pieces for student events. The Development Office also publicizes alumni events and reunions and holds an alumni golf tournament and basketball tournament every year.  

Publicizing Bishop Miege accomplishments
The Development Office publicizes school events and student accomplishments and works with the media to promote the school in all ways. If your student is involved in an exciting project, contact the Development Office and we’ll send out a press release.

The Development Office is located in the Administrative Offices near the west entrance to the school. You may reach the Development Office at 913-262-2700.