Financial Aid

Financial assistance comes in the form of scholarships, financial aid, payment plans, insurance and work study. Assistance to a family may include a combination of these aids.

Achievement Scholarships 
(For returning Miege students)

Brian Christian Memorial Scholarship
Named in the honor of a young man who reflected life to others in an extraordinary way, this award is given to one sophomore boy and one sophomore girl each year. Recipients must have exhibited a positive, caring attitude toward others.

Honors Scholarship
Recipients of the Pastors', Strecker and Lucas Scholarships may qualify for an Honors Scholarship annually following their freshman year.  The award is based on student performance.

For Incoming Freshmen

Mary Ann Lucas Scholarship
Named in the honor of this past teacher, administrator and friend of Miege who dedicated more than 30 years to the school, this award is for good students who attend Regional Catholic grade schools. Chosen by grade schools. Renewable as Honors Scholarship at $150.

Merit Scholarship
For outstanding performance on the Miege placement test. $700 for the 9th grade year.

Pastors' Scholarship
Awarded by the pastor of each parish in the region. 10% of tuition. Renewable as Honors Scholarship at $150.

Archbishop Ignatius Strecker Scholarship
Awarded to one freshman based upon school achievement and service to the parish. Nominated by the pastor.

Principal's Scholarship
For exemplary performance on the Miege placement test. $1,000 for the 9th grade year.

Bishop Miege Foundation Scholar's Award
Awarded to freshmen based upon performance on placement test, achievement, character and service.

Bill Rost Scholarship
Awarded to freshmen based on performance on the language portion of the entrance exam.

Matty Molnar Scholarship
Established in memory of Matt, a 1996 graduate who passed away suddenly while in the seminary. His strong devotion to the Church and his Catholic faith brightened the lives of everyone around him. This award goes to a St. Ann graduate who displays these same characteristics.

Financial Aid
Need-based scholarships. Must apply.

Miege Scholarship
Providing partial tuition reduction and based on financial need of family, this program is funded by Call-to-Share, the Bishop Miege Mothers Club, the Mike Hickey Memorial Fund, and the General Scholarship Fund.

Bob Frazier Alumni Scholarship
For students who may not otherwise be able to attend Miege. Also based upon citizenship and achievement. $3,400.  Renewable based upon performance.

Thomas E. Sullivan/Janis M. Steinbrecher Scholarship
For students who otherwise would be unable to attend Miege, this $1,500 award is also based on school citizenship and achievement. Renewable based upon performance.

Rose Teicher Scholarship
Established to enable students to attend Miege who would otherwise not be able to based upon financial resources, the scholarship  criteria includes need, scholarship, character and service. The award covers the cost of tuition, renewable, based upon meeting the above criteria.

Walt Tylicki (Soft Hart) Scholarship
Awarded to incoming freshmen based on financial need and character.

Christine Mayne Scholarship
Awarded to a female student who excels in math and science; for sophomores-seniors.

RJ Rhoades Scholarship
Awarded to incoming freshmen based on financial need and character.

Other Assistance

imodules Scholarship
Provided by the Bishop Miege website design/host. Since 2008, the iModules Scholarship Program has helped high school and university students in their academic pursuits by annually awarding ten students with a $1,500 scholarship each. Go here to learn more and apply online.

Family Tuition Reduction
When more than one student from a family is simultaneously enrolled at Bishop Miege for any one academic year, tuition reduction is given to the family. A second child in a family automatically receives a $350 reduction. Additional children of the same immediate family pay no tuition.

Payment Plans
While tuition is normally prepaid during the summer before the school year, or half during the summer and half in December, arrangements have been made through a payment service for a monthly payment option.

Tuition Insurance
The Breadwinner Fund pays all remaining tuition of a student attending Miege in the event of the death of a parent who provides the main financial support of the family. The Fund pays half of all remaining tuition if the student is registered but not yet attending.

Work Study
A limited number of work study positions are available to reduce tuition costs. Maximum possible earnings would be approximately $1,200. Contact our business office for more information.