Download 2016-17 FAQ Sheet or Read Below Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Go Stags!...Fear the Dear! Students posing the symbolic stag horns

1. How does Bishop Miege communicate with parents?
a. All faculty and staff have voice mail and telephone access. Teachers use their preparation period to check voice mail.
b. SchoolMessenger is an automated telephone notification system we use to notify parents and students of snow days, special events, etc.
c. Teachers use PowerSchool to communicate grades, upcoming test dates and missing assignments. The PowerSchool login information for the parent portal is e-mailed to each parent. Grades are updated continually.
d. All parents are issued a school e-mail account so we can send you school publications and various correspondence without the post office expense. You can have your school e-mail forwarded to your regular e-mail account by following the directions we will send you along with the login information.
e. All faculty and staff have e-mail accounts to communicate with you.
f. The school Web site and Facebook is a great source to check daily for updated information.
g. Face-to-face appointments are often the best way to solve more delicate or complicated issues.

2. What is activity period?
A period of time set aside during the week for clubs and student organizations. If you are not in a meeting, you are to attend an assigned study hall.

3. Where do I go to drop/add a class?
Guidance Office

4. Where do I go if I lost my schedule and need a new copy?
Guidance Office.

5. Can I bring my own lunch?
Yes, but there is no refrigerator available.

6. Where do I go if I feel sick during the day?
You ask your teacher who will send you to the nurse.

7. Where do I go if I have a locker problem?
Administrative Office

8. Who do I see if I have a problem in a class?
Your classroom teacher first, then make an appointment with the Guidance Office.

9. Where do I go if I get a detention?
Attendance Office to schedule the detention. The location will be scheduled each day.

10. What happens if I am late for class?
First hour - go to the Attendance Office for a pass. Second through seventh hours - go to your class and receive a tardy. After four excused tardies, you will receive detentions.

11. What do I do if I am late for period one?
Go to the Attendance Office and get a blue pass.

12. What do I need to do if I miss a day of school because I was sick?
Have your parents/guardians call the school to excuse you by 9:30 am

13. What do I wear for gym?
The gym instructor will explain and distribute P.E. attire.

14. How do I contact a teacher if I want to talk with him/her?
See them after class or between classes to set up an appointment.

15. Who do I see/Where do I go if I want to join a sport?
Meetings will be announced for those interested in trying out. The Principal's Friday email and various mailings will keep you informed.

16. Who do I see/Where do I go if I want to join an activity?
Stop in the Attendance Office to find out who the moderators are and when they are available.

17. What does it take to be on the honor roll?
3.0 GPA or above for second honors, 3.5 GPA or above for first honors.

18. How do I use my ID? What if I lose my ID?
Your ID allows you into some Miege events free. If it is lost, go to the Attendance Office with another photo. You will be charged a $5 fee.

19. Can I buy school supplies at school?
Some supplies are sold in the Stag Shop

20. What is the Stag Shop and what is sold there? What are the hours?
The Stag Shop is a school store that sells dress code apparel, school supplies and other Miege clothing. The Stag Shop is open during lunch and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays (3-4 p.m.). The phone extension is 242.

21. Where do I go if I want to use a copy machine?
There is a copy machine in the Media Center. The first 10 copies are free; additional copies cost 10 cents each.

22. Where do I go to use the phone?
School office phones are for official school business or emergency use only. Calls to parents, not directed by the school, are to be made in the Attendance Office. Students are to make calls before or after school.

23. Where can I get change for the copy machine?
The Administrative Office

24. How do I check on grades?
www.bishopmiege.powerschool.com/public - A parent login and password are required.

25. What happens if I come to school out of uniform?
You will remain in the Attendance Office until correct clothing can be brought to the school. A minor dress code infraction is a detention for each class hour the student is out of dress code, up to three 50-minute detentions for one day.

26. What is a mixer?
A dance that only Miege students can attend (held at the school).

27. Can Freshmen go to dances?
Only to mixers. They may not attend Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins or Prom.

28. Can I get to my locker after school hours?
Yes, until the doors are locked at 4 p.m.

29. How do my parents get involved with school?
Parents may support all activities and athletics by joining the Miege Activities Booster Club and Mothers’ Club. They may also volunteer their help to organizations. Fill out the volunteer form online (www.bishopmiege.com)

30. What is the Stag Strut?
A student fundraiser in which students collect pledges for a five-mile walk. This fundraiser helps defray the cost of tuition.

31. Where do I find out about buses?
The Administrative Office. The bus is available to Kansas students only and costs $180 per semester. First Student determines the drop off and pick up points based on ridership -- usually these are within a few blocks of home.

32. What does the average lunch cost?
About $5. Weekly menus and nutritional information may be viewed at bishopmiege.com under Cafe Miege. Fruit, salads and snacks are also available. You may also prepay for meals by opening a lunch account. Breakfast items are also available.

33. Does Miege have a school supply list?
No. Teachers will inform you of necessary supplies.

34. Where do I find out about student parking?
Attendance Office. See handbook for rules. A parking pass costs $25. Freshmen may not drive to school.

35. How do parents drop off and pick up their students?
Parents may drop their student off either at the west doors or south doors. Please note: the WEST DRIVE IS DESIGNED FOR ONLY ONE LANE OF TRAFFIC

36. How do we find out about snow days?
We will use our SchoolMessenger telephone notification system to inform you ASAP. In addition, radio or television will announce that the Johnson County Catholic Schools will not be in session.

37. What are late starts?
School starts at 8:15 instead of 7:50 a.m., usually because of staff meetings that are on the school calendar. Unscheduled late starts may be called because of bad road conditions. This announcement will be carried by the local media.

38. How do I sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences?
Information will be e-mailed to you in early October with instructions to schedule individual conferences.

39. How do I arrange for an early dismissal/late arrival for a doctor's appointment?
Parents must call the Attendance Office in advance for the appointment. 913-262-2701, ext. 261. Students will be released from the Attendance Office.

40. Where do I find sport schedules?
www.bishopmiege.com or www.thezonelive.com

41. Who do I see if I want to talk with someone about a personal matter?
First, go the Guidance Office or the Campus Ministry Office. If not possible, see any teacher, administrator or staff member who can advise you.

42. Where do I sign up for service hours?
Sign up in the Campus Ministry Office, which is located by the west entrance.