Video Production

Video Production

Bishop Miege installed its video studio in 2001 and the program has been growing in popularity ever since.  It gives students the opportunity to work with a form of self-expression that may not be available to them anywhere else.  The studio has five stations that include digital cameras and digital editors.

The beginning video class is a semester class that acquaints the students with the equipment and provides an opportunity for self-expression through commercials, music videos, and mini-movies.  It teaches the student dramatic structure through careful plotting using storyboards. It is open to sophomores through seniors and requires a B in English.

The advanced video class is offered yearly.  It develops a school newscast, the Miege Quarterly Update, which is broadcast to the school via the classroom monitors. It also serves as the school's video resource for projects.  It is open only through the instructor's approval.

MQU - 2015 - 1st Quarter from Bishop Miege on Vimeo.

MQU - 2nd Quarter from Bishop Miege on Vimeo.