At an October workshop, Hart staff members confer with an artist to finalize the cover design for the new yearbook. The brightly colored cover complements the 2017 theme, "A Year in Color." photo by Zoe Weir


Click on The Miegian link for copies of this year's newspapers.

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Members of the class of 2016 who didn't attend the early August pick-up may claim their books by emailing Mrs. Hartwig at to arrange a time to retrieve the book from the Attendance Office. 

The 2016 edition of The Hart was distributed to current students during orientation. Anyone who did not pick up a book at that time had it delivered to his or her 4th hour class within the first couple weeks of the new school year.

A few extra 2016 yearbooks are still available for $60 each on a first-come, first-served basis. See Mrs. Hartwig in rm. 144.

Bishop Miege Journalism Department

The Bishop Miege journalism department has a rich tradition of producing high quality newspapers and yearbooks for the entire community to enjoy. The journalism department offers several courses each year, including Journalism I, Newspaper, Yearbook and Photography.

About The Courses

Journalism I-This one semester course teaches the fundamentals of press history and laws as well as the basic forms of journalistic writing: news, features, op/ed and sports. Also covered is yearbook and newspaper production, including principles of layout and design, copywriting, headline writing and photography. Journalistic style and techniques are emphasized, and the student must already have mastered the basic rules of writing. A student must complete this course successfully before joining the newspaper or yearbook staffs or enrolling in the photography class.

Photography I-Students will learn the proper way to compose and shoot pictures, as well as correct film developing techniques and printmaking techniques. Digital photo editing using Photoshop will also be covered.  Each student is required to have a 35mm single lens reflex style film camera with a 50mm lens. (Telephoto zoom lens and an electronic flash are optional) Most of the photography work during second semester is digital.

Staff Photography-Students who have passed Photography I with at least a B average and want to continue with photography have an opportunity to put their skills to practical use taking pictures of school events for the newspaper and yearbook. (Same requirement as Photography I)

Newspaper-Students in this class are responsible for the production of the school newspaper, The Miegian. Students utilize the skills of interviewing, news, feature, sports and editorial writing, page layout and design and ad sales. Students write and design the publication, sending it to the printer camera ready.

Yearbook-Production of the Miege yearbook, The Hart, offers an opportunity to record the school's history. In-depth reporting, interviewing, typography, photography and layout design will be utilized.


Utilizing The Latest In Technology

The Bishop Miege Journalism Department utilizes the latest in technology to help each course carry out its many tasks. The Journalism room is equipped with ten iMac computers running  Adobe InDesign and Photoshop CC. The large printing darkroom is equipped with 10 photo enlargers. An additional darkroom provides necessary conditions for developing and drying negatives. Most of the photography work during second semester is digital. The staff photographers use digital cameras to cover school events.