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Bishop Miege Stag Shop is your *uniform supplier and is now online!! 
(*with the exception of slacks, see below)

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to order Bishop Miege apparel online...Spirit wear, Accessories, Uniforms and More!! 

We ship nationwide or offer in-store pick up for locals.


Check out our merchandise at the Stag Shop located in the Bishop Miege Commons!

  • We have flannel pajama pants as well as sweat pants to keep you warm.
  • We also have a large assortment of long-sleeved hoodies - a student favorite - as well as shorts for guys and gals.
  • A shipment of hats has also arrived. We have both flex-fit and adjustable hats. These hats are just what you need to show your school spirit at the games.
  • Need a nylon backsack, a key lanyard or window stickers?  How about a stadium seat, Miege flag or some Stag lip balm? We've got everything the Stag fan needs!


During the school year the Stag Shop is open: Monday-Friday during lunch and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 4 p.m. or by appointment. Hours may vary during summer and prior to the beginning of a school year. 

For more information, contact Katie Jo Kirk at 913-262-2701, ext. 242, or e-mail:

Remember, all profits go toward the General Scholarship Fund. 

2017-2018 School Dress Code:


Option 1. A solid white oxford, collared dress shirt with a Miege logo purchased in the Miege Stag Shop.

Option 2. A white, navy, or red polo shirt with a collar and the Miege logo purchased in the Stag Shop.

Only one shirt may be worn, another shirt over the top is not acceptable. Shirts are to be tucked and buttoned up at all times. Shirt sleeves are not to be rolled up and collars are to be down. All shirts must be in good repair.


Freshmen and Sophomore girls must wear plaid skirts. Junior and Senior girls will wear navy or khaki skorts. Both can be purchased or ordered through the Stag Shop. Girls’ skirts are measured so that the hem will be 2” above the knee. This length is not to be altered. Skirts are to be buttoned not rolled. We request and expect parents’ cooperation with our efforts to maintain the uniform skirts at an acceptable and fashionable length. All skirts must be hemmed and in good repair and not altered for any reason except to keep appropriate length. Please have alterations made to ensure that the back of the skirt rests 2” above the knee. Skirt check measurements are done from the back of the knee.


Lands End brand slacks must be worn by all boys and girls. Lands End slacks can be ordered through (Lands End School # 900169202) Only Navy blue or khaki slacks are acceptable. No split leg seams (do not cut the leg seam). All slacks must be in good repair, the correct color and not altered in any way. Slacks are to be waist height, not pulled below the waist. Slacks are not to be rolled up or tucked into shoes, socks or boots.

Sweaters/Quarter Zips and Vests:

Only a solid color red or navy sweater/vest or designated uniform quarter zip, with the Miege logo, purchased in the Miege Stag Shop is permitted. Sweaters or quarter zips do not replace the uniform shirt. The uniform shirt is a mandatory item of apparel. It is always to be visibly worn under the uniform sweater or quarter zip. Sweaters or quarter zips are to be worn and not wrapped around the neck or waist. They must be in good repair.

T-Shirts and Turtlenecks:

Only solid white t-shirts or white turtlenecks may be worn under dress code shirts. No trim or print is allowed. Print may not show through the shirt nor may undergarments such as, but not limited to, athletic/sports bras. Shirts must be buttoned up. Short sleeves or long sleeves may not be exposed from under short sleeve dress code shirts.

Other Dress Code Items

• Sunglasses or hats are not to be worn during school hours.
• Slacks are to be worn at proper waist height. Slacks may not be pulled below the waistline.
• Any student wearing slacks must also wear a black or brown belt.
• All shirts must be worn tucked in.
• No visible tattoos or markings on the skin are allowed to show.
• Events or game day dress must always be within the dress code. Teams or groups may dress up in lieu of
the game day dress regulations by receiving proper approval from Administration.
• Jackets or sweatshirts may not be worn during school hours.
• Long sleeve shirts may not be exposed under a short sleeve shirt. Long sleeve polos are available to
purchase in the Stag Shop.
• T-shirts that are worn at Miege events or special dress days must not advertise alcohol, drugs, and
cigarettes or be sexually explicit.
• Stickers, badges or inappropriate items are not allowed unless approved by administration.

SOCKS & SHOES: Shoes and socks must be worn at all times and be in acceptable condition. Flip-flops, plastic sandals, rubber shoes, moccasins, house slippers, or swim shoes are not acceptable. Shoes must have a hard sole and defining heel. Combat boots or high lace boots are not permitted.

Boys’ Dress Code – Personal Grooming:

Grooming: Beards, mustaches, dreadlocks, tight braids and extremes in grooming are not allowed. Hair extremes such as but not limited to shaved heads, dyed hair, painted hair, headbands, designs cut into the hair, eyebrows, shaved sides, mohawks, numbers painted on the head are not acceptable. Hair should be neat, clean and may not be bushy or extreme. Hair must be off the collar and out of the eyes. Sideburns may not extend below the earlobe or onto the cheeks or face. Boys are to be clean-shaven. Those students who are not clean-shaven will be required to shave in the nurse’s office and given a detention.

Girls’ Dress Code – Personal Grooming:
Extremes in grooming are not allowed (such as, but not limited to, shaved sides, painted hair, shaved heads or painted number on hair). Hair should be neat and clean. Hair colors are to be natural only. Hair highlights are to be natural colors only. No off-colored streaks or extensions are allowed.