• New Environmental Science Class with Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Trip Spring 2017

Pope Francis stated  9/1/16: “Obviously ‘human life itself and everything it embraces’ includes care for our common home. So let me propose a complement to the two traditional sets of seven: may the works of mercy also include care for our common home. “As a spiritual work of mercy, care for our common home calls for a ‘grateful contemplation of God’s world’, which ‘allows us to discover in each thing a teaching w

hich God wishes to hand on to us’. As a corporal work of mercy, care for our common home requires ‘simple daily gestures which break with the logic of violence, exploitation and selfishness’ and ‘makes itself felt in every action that seeks to build a better world’.”



 Enrollment is open Sept 7- Sept 30

  • The class will be offered outside of school hours (face-to-face as it works with student schedules. We will use Google Classroom for communication as well), meeting once a week with occasional weekend outings.
  • The class culminates with an 8 day journey to Jackson, Wyoming where we will stay at the Kelly Campus (cabins) of the Teton Science School. There, instructors will guide the students in an immersive outdoor experience.
  • Important documents: 

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  4. Meeting Presentation on Prezi
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Science Course Offerings

BIOLOGY I (1 credit) (1 - 5)
Biology I is a course designed to present the major concepts of modern biology to the student and to give him or her an understanding of the scientific method of inquiry used by scientists. The content of this course includes microbiology, cell biology, genetics, evolution, classification, zoology, and ecology. The study of life is presented in a logical manner, from the simplest to the most complex life forms and processes.

EARTH/SPACE SCIENCE (1 credit) (1 - 5)
Prerequisites: Biology I
Earth and Space Science is a laboratory-based course that integrates the study of the Earth with the characteristics of the solar system (space) by using the fundamental concepts of chemistry and physics. Students will be engaged in observing, measuring, classifying, interpreting data, using metric measurement, graphing, controlling variables, problem solving and forming conclusions. This study of physical science and earth and space science introduces the student to the broad spectrum of science study while developing science reasoning and math skills that are very important for upper level science courses. This course is recommended for all sophomores that will be taking chemistry and/or physics their junior and senior years. This course will be of great benefit for students taking the Kansas Science Assessment their junior year. 

BIOLOGY II (1 credit) (3-5)
Prerequisite: Biology I and Earth and Space, grade of C or higher required
Biology II presents the biological sciences in more depth for those students with a great interest in continuing the study of life. This course will cover four major areas of genetics, zoology, botany and ecology that will be of great benefit for students aspiring to continue biological studies in college. Students will engage in lab investigation appropriate for each area. Zoology labs will include dissecting of various animals including a mammal (cat or fetal pig). This is an elective course that can be taken concurrently with Chemistry.

Prerequisite: Biology I, Earth and Space or previous/concurrent enrollment in Honors Chemistry or Chemistry (3-5) (minimum grade C)
This course is a comprehensive study of the eleven systems of the human body. The structure of major organs, their specific function in a system and their relationship to the total metabolism of the body are the major focuses of this course. To investigate the mysteries of the human body comparative anatomy is part of the laboratory exercises. Students dissect a mammal — a cat or fetal pig. This is an elective course.

AP BIOLOGY (1 credit) (4-5)
Prerequisites: Biology I, Honors Chemistry (Grade of B) and Teacher Approval
Advanced Placement Biology is a first-year college-level course in the biological sciences taught in the high school setting. Subjects covered include basic biochemistry, cell structure and function, cellular metabolism, Mendelian and molecular genetics, natural selection and evolution, cell physiology and development of plants and animals from the single-celled stage to the embryonic stage The course is highly laboratory oriented. College credit is available through dual enrollment in Johnson County Community College, Benedictine College or the AP Biology Exam given in May.

CHEMISTRY (1 credit) (3-4)
Prerequisite: Algebra I, previous science class (minimum grade C)
This is a fundamental course in high school chemistry that provides a discipline of study considering the nature of matter and the changes that matter undergoes. The scope of the course will be sufficiently broad to satisfy the student who will probably not take another course in chemistry while at the same time serving as a foundation for those students who desire to further their education in the area of chemistry. Topics include chemical bonding, types of reactions, equilibrium, kinetics, thermodynamics, the periodic table, and chemical nomenclature.

HONORS CHEMISTRY (1 credit) (4-5)
Prerequisite: Grade of B or higher in previous science class and previous or concurrent enrollment in Honors Algebra II.
This course covers the structure, composition and properties of matter. It will cover reactivity of matter, phases of matter, chemical reactions and behavior of solutions. It is designed for a student who excels in science and math and is highly motivated. Students who are planning a career in the science field are encouraged to take this course. It is a fast-paced class and will cover topics in more depth than regular chemistry. This class is required if the student would like to take AP Biology or AP Chemistry.

A.P. CHEMISTRY (1 credit) (4-5)
Prerequisite: B in Honors Chem and teacher approval
This is a second year course for students planning to pursue a career which requires college chemistry. General topics covered in Honors Chemistry I will be reviewed and a more in-depth study of molecular structure, chemical reactivity, equilibrium acid-base chemistry, nuclear chemistry and organic chemistry will be included. An independent research project is required in this course. College credit is available for this course through dual enrollment at JCCC or Benedictine College or the Advanced Placement Exam.

PHYSICS (1 credit) (3-4), Seniors Only
Prerequisite: High C or B in Algebra II/Trigonometry
Physics is intended specifically for those students who have an interest in science and a desire to better understand the world around them. Topics covered are similar to those of Honors Physics, different only in the rigor of their coverage. This is a math-intensive course.

HONORS PHYSICS (1 credit) (4-5), Seniors Only
Prerequisite: A or B grades in Algebra II/Trigonometry
Course seeks to acquaint the student with the nature of the physical world through inquiry and experimentation. It includes such topics as machines, heat energy, sound, light, electricity, magnetism and atomic energy. Honors Physics is designed to meet the needs of college bound students who may pursue science careers or a math-science related program.

Science Department Staff

  • Mr. Alan Thomas, M.Ed., Chair (ext. 508)
  • Mr. Scott Anderson, M.A. (ext. 500)
  • Mr. Matt Eshelbrenner, M.A. (ext. 522)
  • Mrs. Alison Hirons, B.S.E. (ext. 546)
  • Mrs. Angela Lueckenotto, M.N.A.S (ext. 561)
  • Mrs. Amy Reed, M.A. (ext. 534)
  • Sr. Martina Rockers, M.S.  (ext. 540)

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